Ltd. Production and Commercial Company "Velma" was founded on June 29, 1998 in Kyiv as a kids school uniform company. The main specialization are products of costume group: blaizers, skirts, pants, vests, as well as: blouses, shirts, sundresses. Tailor workshop has modern equipment, including with software control,  which allows to perform qualitatively all the various technological operations.

These includes programmable machines, button sewing machines, a JUKI pocket machine, program-controlled straight-line machines, straight and eye loop machine. Tailor workshop has cutting room and professional hand-cut tools, as well as professional equipment for wet-heat treatment and press for duplication of products.


Goal of the company is to create on the consumer market a unique offer of high-quality children's school uniforms at an economically reasonable price. We strive to make our schoolwear original, comfortable, functional and, most importantly, like our customer.


The motto of the company is "tradition to create quality". Hence, a serious and responsible approach to the development of models of exclusively children's assortment, the desire to use natural fabrics and a consistent balance between price and quality.


Used modern equipment, including software control, which allows you to perform qualitatively all the various technological operations and professional equipment for wet-heat treatment



For blouses - the cloth of the Dutch firm TOOTAL (cotton - 35%, PE - 65%),) the fabric has excellent exploitation characteristics. For products of the costume group - semi-woven cli (wool - 45%, PE - 55%) produced by the company "Cheksil" (Chernigov, Ukraine) with anti-foam finish.


Used flizelin firm "Freudenberg", which provides high performance characteristics, substrate of semi-natural materials: viscose - 50%, polyester - 50%. Great importance is given to accessories, modern types of decor.

All products of "Velma" company passed sanitary and epidemiological expertise, confirming by Goverment product consumer service "Conclusion sanitary and epidemiological expertise from 27.11.2017 № 602-123-20-1/36785".

  • Сompany pays special attention to working with schools (as a collective customer): provides expert visits and acceptance of orders; makes forms according to individual measures taking into account the features of the figure; accompanies and completes the form during the year.
  • In case of creating original products different from our serial - we are ready to cooperate. Many years of experience working with educational institutions in Kiev can  guarantee a successful cooperation.

Due to the reduction in demand for school uniforms, and having production facilities, the company offers services for the tailoring of adult clothes for various orders, in particular products of the costume group, shirts, blouses, dresses, as well as the performance of certain sewing operations: cutting, duplication, manufacturing pockets in a frame and so on. At the same time, the quality of tailoring is the priority of fulfilling orders.


+38 (050) 355 15 97

Adress of manufacture:

Ukraine, Kyiv city

Klemanska street 6-8